Solar Panel Installation Process

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Every solar customer has different energy needs, which is why every solar panel system has to be customized based on their home’s unique electric energy usage. Our solar panel installation process, while simple, addresses your concerns and results in a uniquely designed solar system that will work best for your Raleigh home’s energy usage. Here’s how Pink Energy’s simple 3-step solar installation process works:


Contact The Team

Start by filling out a form online for a free quote. One of our solar experts will reach out to you shortly after to discuss your solar power opportunities. We’ll evaluate your home and property for qualities such as shade cover, making sure solar panels would be a good fit for your home and schedule a free in-home consultation.


In-Home Consultation

One of our experienced consultants will travel to your property to further evaluate your home. We’ll also take your electric bills into account when deciding what size solar system will work best for you. From this, we’ll deliver a custom proposal created for your home’s unique electric needs. Once you sign on to the proposal, it’s time for us to get to work preparing for installation.


Solar Installation

On installation day, our installation team will arrive promptly at your home to carefully install your solar panels. We’ll work quickly, but take care to ensure there’s no damage to your roof or home. This should only take a day or two. Once installation is complete, we’ll test out your system and clean up our workspace. All that’s left is your utility provider swapping out your meter and enjoying the potential savings!