Cost of Solar in Raleigh

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Going solar in the Raleigh area has become more affordable over time.

It is important to note, however, the cost of a solar system will depend on a few factors: your home, your electric usage and your energy goals going forward. Our solar experts can help determine this and come up with a custom solution for your home that addresses your unique energy needs, including how many solar panels you will need.

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Calculating Your Solar Panel Cost

Because each home is different, it can be difficult to calculate the average cost of solar panels. Every residential solar system installed is made to best address that home’s unique electric needs. That being said, you can roughly estimate calculate the cost of solar panels for your own home by using dollars per watt. Watts is the measurement used to determine solar panel production, and the unit of measurement for light.

We’ll determine the number of panels you’ll need for your Raleigh home based on the number of watts your home typically uses. Once we’ve found that number, our solar experts can effectively design a custom solar solution for your home. The number of solar panels needed to best fit your home plus installation costs determines your overall cost for going solar.

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Your Raleigh Solar Panel Installation Cost Includes The Following:


Installation Equipment

This includes the solar panels, inverters, wiring, conduit, mounting racks and mounting hardware.


A Custom-Designed Solar System

Once you sign the contract, our team begins designing a system, filing all relevant permits and preparing the setup for your installation.


All Installation Day Procedures

On the day of installation, our experienced team installs and tests your system carefully, ensuring everything is in good working order, then cleans up your property as though we were never there!

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